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Office Cleaning in San Francisco


A Orlandy’s cleaner will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, and your house fresh and sparkling. We arrive when we say we will, and do what we say we’ll do, every time.

Orlandy Cleaning take active measures to reduce our impact on the environment in all of our daily activities. We believe that we are simply guests on this planet, and at the end of our stay (as good guests do) we should leave it the way we found it. so if you prefer we can also use green products.

The following steps are our cleaning suggestion:

  • Remove cobwebs
  • Sweep & Mop floor
  • Spot clean outside of cabinets
  • Clean baseboards (as needed)
  • Clean Stove Hood
  • Clean in/outside of microwave
  • Wipe down all windowsills
  • Wipe down all lights switches
  • Vacuum or Sweep kitchen rug( as needed)
  • Clean outside/on top of refrigerator
  • Clean and polish sink & faucet
  • Clean the outside of all appliances
  • Empty Trash Clean Trashcan (as needed)
  • Clean counter tops
  • Wipe down ceiling fans
  • Clean exterior of stove

  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean exterior of all vanities
  • Clean sinks
  • Polish faucet
  • Spot clean the outside of cabinets
  • Spot clean the door on both sides
  • Clean soap, toothbrush holder
  • Clean toilet (behind as well)
  • Clean tub & shower
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Clean baseboards & Floors
  • Organize bath towels
  • Folded tip toilet paper
  • Wipe down all windowsills
Living Areas/Dining Room
  • Dust all corners (high/low)
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces
  • Dust mop wood floors
  • Sweep/Mop tile (if applicable)
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Wipe down all windowsills
  • Clean sliding glass doors
  • Straighten up / pick-up
  • Clean all glass & mirrors
  • Wipe down ceiling fans
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces
  • Straighten up / pick-up
  • Wipe down ceiling fans
  • Dust mop wood floors (if needed)
  • Vacuum and/or Mop tile
  • Dust all corners (high/low)
  • Make all beds
  • Clean all glass & mirrors

Office Cleaning in San Francisco

Our cleaning packages are an extensive cleaning designed to thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom. Ideal as an occasional cleaning service or recurring service. Our custom house cleaning service offers you total flexibility to choose how you would like us to clean your home! You decide the tasks that we do and those that we don’t.

We can supply a professional housekeeper on a regular basis, or for occasional or one-time house cleaning services such as a spring clean, moving house/apartment, or after a party. Our work is tailored to your requirements and offer a wide selection of options:

A single session maid service or recurring maid service – no cleaning contract required;

  • Standard cleaning or deep cleaning;
  • Move-in house cleaning or move-out house cleaning;
  • Inside Window cleaning for every variety of windows and doors;
  • Full service carpet vacuuming.

We specialize in domestic cleaning and have tailored our house cleaning services to meet the specific needs of home customers. Whatever type of property you live in (house, studio, apartment, unit, etc) our dependable and experienced house cleaners will give your home the special care and attention that it deserves!